Zomi National Day

Dear Audience,

This Zomi National Day did not come

Into being accidentally

Out of narrow nationalism and patriotism.

But it came into existence

As a result of the slow and steady struggle

Against the heredity feudal systems, colonialisms, and


There fore,

On this auspicious day of Zomi National Day

We the Zomi people

Would like to give our hearty honour and respect

To those who had been striving

And sacrificed their lives

For the betterment of our people.

To those who have been brutally tortured

And put to prisons

To those families

Who have suffered so much

For the cause of our people

To those parents

Who have been shading their tears

Waiting their children to be at home again though they will

Never ever be.


As a Nation in the World,

We Zomi people would humbly pray that

All the souls be at rest,

All the sufferings be at ease and come to an end

All the tears be wiped away

With a new hope that one day

All our dreams would come true.

Long live ZOMI

Long live ZOGAM.


Worldwide Celebration
20th February 2011


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